Your property guarantee at Icon The Residences


The villas created by Urbania at Icon The Residences are designed and built to the highest standards, using the latest engineering technologies and the most advanced building techniques, as well as quality materials and a dedication to quality control that culminates with a final round of detailed snagging and tweaking until everything is in tip-top order and ready for you to move in and enjoy your stylish modern property.

Even so, it is important to also have good coverage for any defects or damage that may occur. The Building Planning Law (LOE – Ley de Ordenación Edificación 38/1999) provides this, protecting property buyers of individual and shared building homes in Spain from damage relating to construction or the systems and structure of the edifice. The coverage provided by the law is categorised and qualified according to the nature, severity and timescale of the damage.

Any problems experienced fall within this framework, which describes the rights and obligations, as well as the liability of the different parties involved. These include the owner, the constructor, the developer and any possible party responsible for communal maintenance. The details are laid out in article 17 of the LOE, and broken down as follows:

One-year warranty
The constructor is responsible for any material damage that results from defective work on the finishing.

Three-year warranty
As above, but where the damage results from construction elements or installed systems that do not meet normal habitation requirements.

Ten-year warranty
There is a ten-year warranty on structural defects (foundations, supports, beams, floors, load-bearing walls and other important structural elements) that are directly related to the resistance and stability of the building.

Coverage applies if legal action is undertaken within a maximum of two years after the flaws or defects are detected, and it does not apply in cases where the problem results not from incorrect construction but from misuse or incorrect maintenance by the homeowner or Community of Owners.

Although the law provides standard legal coverage, Urbania adds another level of customer service and security to ensure that you as the proud new owner of a villa at Icon The Residences can fully enjoy your property with full peace of mind, so contact us for more information or download the Home Warranty Manual for further details.