Concierge Service at Icon The Residences


Residents at Icon The Residences form part of a stylish modern gated community whose luxurious architectural villas are at the heart of a lifestyle concept built around comfort, convenience and above all, enjoying the wonderful climate, setting and amenities of Marbella. The professional concierge service is one of the most important ingredients in this quality of living concept.

Our concierge service wasn’t born yesterday; indeed, it is built and refined upon many years of practical experience, and as a result we have learned to know exactly what our clients look for and appreciate in a service such as this. As a result, the concierge service offered to you at Icon The Residences is streamlined and tweaked to be just as you’d wish it to be.

This means that both the content and the style of the service are entirely tailored to your needs, and this is also reflected in the menu of options on offer. To make it more efficient, we’ve divided the service into several categories, focusing on Your Family, Your Lifestyle, Your Home, Your Health & Wellbeing, as well as Sports and Legalities.

In this way, we cover just about everything you could ever need - but this wouldn’t be a first class concierge service if we didn’t also cater to any specific needs that you may have. Just ask us and we’ll get it done, from researching details for you, bookings, reservations and arranging laundry, errand services, deliveries, transport, kids’ entertainment, catering, entertaining, events, decoration services, landscaping and maintenance, it all falls within our remit.

From children’s parties to legalities
Imagine coming home after a long trip to find your home in perfect condition: newly cleaned, with fresh linen on the beds, the fridge filled with your favourite food and the temperature set to comfy. All you need to do is have a long relaxing bath, make yourself a snack and relax free of any stress or complications. Our service is aimed at taking them away and creating the conditions for an ideal Marbella lifestyle.

Your pets, children, home and also administration are in safe hands with us, as we use specialised professionals for each of the steps. You may need us to find you tickets to an event, book private flights or excursions, or help with school admission, personal assistants, carers, gardening, insurance, key-holding, rentals management, household staff, personal trainers, home chefs, medical treatment or any of a range of professional support services varying from accounting and tax advice to legal representation, assistance at notary offices, translators/interpreters and even asset management.

Help us tailor a personalised service around your own needs to create your very own concierge support.