True warmth – underfloor heating


There is heating and then there is heating – and no comfier feeling than walking on warm floors that ensure no part of you is ever cold. Heat rises, so the best place to start warming up a room is the floor, whose surface covers every part of the house to make it warm, comfortable and cosy no matter which room you’re in.

The villas at Icon The Residences enjoy this standard throughout, from their ground floor open plan lounges and kitchens to first floor bedroom suites, to ensure that style and refinement are matched with optimal comfort and wellbeing. Marbella is renowned for its lovely warm climate, which makes a year-round outdoor lifestyle possible, but today’s level of convenience means we provide the means with which to warm the house in winter and cool it in summer.

Two systems

Your home in Icon The Residences is therefore fitted with the latest form of heating, and central to this is a modern underfloor heating system that covers the entire villa, providing warmth throughout. However, experience has taught us that as homeowners we have different needs in different parts of the house, and for this reason Icon The Residences uses two complementary heating systems.

To provide the kind of system that warms up bathrooms quickly – with their tiled surfaces – we have installed electrical underfloor heating because it is the most effective way of ensuring practical comfort. It makes sure that, especially in the mornings and evenings, your bathroom is cosy, comfortably and welcoming. The two systems feature Airzone independent controls in all rooms.

Because we spend longer periods of time in other spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms, and they require sustained warmth above rapid heating, the rest of the villa is equipped with a highly economical form of underfloor heating that uses heated water ducts. We didn’t invent it; in fact, the concept goes all the way back to Roman times, but it remains the most effective system to date, and one that combines convenience, practicality and comfy warmth with low consumption, which fits into the Icon philosophy of creating sustainable, low-maintenance homes.

So, regardless of whether you have a wooden or ceramic floor, you’ll never feel cold in an Icon The Residences villa, as the Altherma system installed in them is a market-leading option in terms of quality, technology, durability and energy saving—using up to 20% less energy than comparable brands. What’s more, it’s a smart system that’s fully integrated into your villa’s intelligent management control, meaning you can control the setting and timing from your smart phone no matter where you are, and always come home to a warm, comfy house.