#Iconic Smart Living


The villas at Icon The Residences are not just modern in architectural styling and interior layout, but also in their features, amenities and the technology installed and used in their construction. In other words, though they evoke Mediterranean villa appeal, these are thoroughly modern Marbella homes in build quality and also the comforts they offer.

This applies to everything from insulation and climate control to home automation systems, security and the best in plumbing, hot water, home connectivity and energy efficiency standards. All the systems incorporated

are designed to offer ultimate comfort, utility, style and also cost-efficiency, ease of use and maintenance.

Home Automation

The home automation system at Icon The Residences villas controls curtain motors, lighting and is integrated with the alarm system. It can be controlled via the internet and is also easily customised and upgraded to provide more modalities that can be designed entirely around your needs.

It interacts with a security system that uses interior motion detectors and also features pre-installation of intrusion control barriers in the gardens. Climate control is maintained at constant, low-consumption

levels through excellent insulation and a Daikin VRV air-conditioning and advanced Daikin Aerothermal heating system that operates in combination with water heating.

The bathrooms are fitted with electric under floor heating for rapid warming, and all living spaces feature their own zonal temperature control. The aerothermal system also provides ready hot water on demand from a

260-litre storage tank, an example of the high standard of technical infrastructure that continues throughout, including also the plumbing and electrics.

Connectivity is also of the latest quality, with fast fibre-optic Internet capacity forming the basis for your telecommunications, television and telephone system – all of which surpass regulatory requirements. There

are telephone and TV sockets in all the main rooms and kitchen, as well as exterior television sockets included too.

The villas at Icon The Residences embody the concept of smart living in the comfort, energy-efficiency and customisable upgrades they offer, providing the perfect canvas for stylish Marbella living in the 21st century.