Safety, security and sustainability at Icon The Residences


Urbania is a modern company, a property developer that doesn’t just build and move on, but takes it responsibilities seriously and embraces real estate development with a social and environmental conscience. What’s more, we don’t just play lip service to trendy topics, but take them to heart, as we are a local company with an international scope and long-term commitment to the areas we work in.

On other words, we don’t just build and walk away, but create communities that we continue to provide services to, so with such an approach in mind you cannot produce shoddy work, but have to offer quality of design, amenities, technical standards and build quality – followed up with excellent service and infrastructure. In addition to this, we also aim to build in an environmentally sustainable way, working with nature and limiting the impact upon it.


The latest technology plays an important role in achieving this, from high-tech security systems and solar energy/lighting to homes designed to minimise temperature ranges and therefore reduce the need for heating and cooling. The under floor heating and air conditioning equipment we install are high-grade latest-generation systems that work efficiently to keep energy usage and utility bills low.

Integrated into your home’s automation system – which can be controlled through the smartphone Airzone Cloud application – is an advanced Airzone climate control system that also incorporates smart-efficient lighting. The Aerotermia heat pump system used draws energy from renewable sources, converting exterior air into warm air in the winter, cooling air in the summer, whilst also providing hot water.

The windows used are similarly high-spec and come with UV and solar glare protection, whilst also providing optimal acoustic and thermal insulation – something shared by the floors and walls. Smoke and flood detectors provide early warning in keeping with regulations, and help to efficiently manage water usage and reduce wastage. Together, these systems lead to an average reduction of 25% in electricity and 50% in heating consumption and associated bills.

Contact us now for more information or to receive a brochure that outlines the technical standards, systems and benefits, as well as a full breakdown of the steps and initiatives we have taken to reduce our impact on nature and create a very pleasant living environment.