Gonzalez & Jacobson Architects – the architectural inspiration behind Icon The Residences


A name that has become synonymous with eye-catching modern Mediterranean style is that of Rodolfo Jacobson, partner in González & Jacobson. In this article we speak to the man who is the inspired creative mind behind Icon The Residences.

Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson is one of those people who have done what every architect dreams of – making his mark. His clean, sleek designs embody a new generation of what is commonly called ‘modern’ or ‘contemporary’ architecture, but as with all quality homes, they transcend mere fashions because of a timeless quality derived from a harmony of style, dimensions, form and function.

As a result, the Jacobson name carries weight in Marbella, but thanks to a wide variety of inspired projects throughout Spain and abroad, it is recognised well beyond our municipal borders. “Inspiration and creativity, as well as experience and flexibility, are heightened when you work on a broad range of projects, and in this respect I have been very fortunate in my career,” says the architect himself.

Timeless Mediterranean

While many would call his design style decidedly 21st century, with its clean lines, panoramic windows, flowing open-plan distribution and playful use of volume and light, Rodolfo himself feels that much of his inspiration comes from a love of Mediterranean styles, settings and vistas. “Marbella is the ultimate palette for this, and given its cultural heritage and beautiful surroundings makes me all the more aware of our responsibility to design sustainably and create wonderful living environments.”

If the area is a rich canvas and Rodolfo’s love of nature evokes a desire to develop sensitively, then his greatest brief is towards the client – not Icon, but the ultimate owner and occupant of the home. Not just in aesthetic terms, but also in realising and surpassing the very highest technical standards and lifestyle expectations of homebuyers at Icon The Residences.

A new video on the inspirational work of one of the most respected architects in this region will soon be available. Keep an eye out for social media and newsletter notifications on this and other exciting news about Gonzalez & Jacobson and the unique design and lifestyle experience of Icon The Residences.

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