Light sailing the best option to start sailing


If you are thinking of getting started sailing, congratulations! It is a very complete sport that allows you to enjoy the sea like no other, however, before going out to sea with a cruising sailboat, a good option is to start with light sailing. These boats are sailboats of small length that can be dismantled with some ease. Within this category we can also classify them according to the number of hulls they have, as well as the number of masts and sails.

But, what are the advantages of this type of boats? Let's see some of the most interesting.

Its small dimensions
They are relatively small boats, of much more contained dimensions and, therefore, much simpler to maneuver unlike larger sailboats.

Easy assembly
The assembly and disassembly of these boats is simple, specially since they are on land while operation is being carried out.

Transportation simplicity
Being light we can take it where we want by road, which allows us to transport the boat to the sea or a lake and enjoy the navigation wherever we want.

They are very funny
It´s small size and great maneuverability make navigating them dynamic and fun, allowing very fast turns.

Some of the categories within the light sailboats are: Dragon, Europe, Cadet, Optimist, Snipe, Star, the Vaurien or the Open class with the Open 570 or the Open 750. An important variety that adapts to all tastes.

Finally, it is important to note that many experts agree on the importance of taking classes at the time of starting, in any of the sailing schools among the many that work in the Costa del Sol.