Hiking an activity for all ages


Hiking is synonymous with walking excursions, walks that are mainly done by walking trails and paths in a natural environment. In short, it is a mixture of sports activity and tourism.

To enjoy this outdoor sporting, we have the "Gran Senda de Málaga", a pioneering route in Andalusia that, with it´s 660 km, covers the entire province, which also represents a meeting point between the environment, sports and tourism. La "Gran Senda" has 4 natural parks, 2 reserves, 3 sites and a sports infrastructure that is linked with other activities such as rafting, canoeing, climbing or canyoning.

If you decide upon this relaxing activity, it is important to take the following recommendations into consideration like the preparation for the itinerary:

1- It is essential to obtain information about the area of the route and process the permits if necessary, as well to study the route on the map.

2- It is very important to have the right team, choosing the right footwear (trekking type), as well as a cap, a backpack, sunscreen, a canteen flask, a trekking cane to reduce the effort on the knees, etc.

3- Never go out alone and do not separate from the group to avoid getting lost.

4- Rest a few minutes each hour of walking or whenever needed.

5- Observe weather conditions and be prepared for any changes.

6- Hydrate frequently.

With these tips, enjoy a safe and fun experience in a natural environment as attractive as the "Gran Senda de Málaga".