Enjoy your own Mediterranean oasis at Icon The Residences


As a residential community, Icon The Residences is not just about the beautiful modern villas themselves, but also about the overall appeal of the private and communal areas of this gated development. Prominent in this are the green zones that form such an important part of the spaces and quality of life, which mark Icon The Residences as an ideal place to live and own a property.

The villas are delivered to their new owners with beautifully styled Mediterranean gardens laid out and ready to enjoy. To this you can add your own touch and indeed your personal inspiration, but even if you don’t have green fingers your home will come with freshly laid grass lawns, citrus and olive trees, and a beautiful fragrant blend of indigenous herbs and flowers.

They add the final oh so important touch to the architectural styling and décor of your home, bringing colour, beauty and vibrancy to a wonderful private oasis all of your own. Golf, country and sea views provide the backdrop for this setting, which can be personalised by the landscaping experts with a wealth of options and choices.

Mediterranean greenery

Our design team will work with you to realise your vision and create the perfect green space for you and your family. The plants generally used, and indeed suggested by the experts, focus on indigenous species that are perfectly in tune with the local soil, rainfall and overall climatic conditions, and for this reason are drought-resistant, low-maintenance and low-cost yet yield so much in sensory terms.

The above also makes them environmentally friendly, which is important to many of our buyers, and as a result water consumption is low, for the species we select require little irrigation. Our designers focus mainly on seasonal flowers and plants that grow the whole year round, and in addition to this the gardens at Icon The Residences can have their own little orchards with a personalised selection of your favourite herbs and vegetables.

We consider the ability to enhance your diet with your own fresh, naturally grown fruit, vegetables and seasoning to be very much an integral part of the Iconic lifestyle, and at the heart of what our homes offer, apart from modern style, refinement and comfort. Of course, you can tend to your own garden or let us do that for you—the choice is entirely yours.

There is a moderate separate cost for the latter, which includes personal care from a professional gardener, who will also programme the irrigation, adapting it to the different needs of each season. He will ensure the orchard produces delicious, healthy produce and the garden is a stunning addition to your beautiful home – the kind of place you love to spend time in. Just imagine arriving to your beautiful holiday home from overseas when someone has taken care of the maintenance all year round allowing you to enjoy it in perfect condition absolutely stress-free.

Here are some planting suggestions from our landscape designer:

  • For its lovely fragrance – lavender
  • For stunning colour – seasonal flowers
  • For hardiness and easy maintenance – decorative bushes
  • And to keep bugs away – citrus plants (lemon, in particular)

Contact us with your ideas and suggestions, and together we will create a beautiful personalised garden area for your villa at Icon The Residences.